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Product Liability

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Every day we test our faith in mankind. We trust that the products we use have been designed, manufactured and distributed by conscientious and responsible individuals and companies. When an injury or death occurs due to a defective product, those responsible should be held accountable.

Chionuma Law Firm, LLC attorneys have extensive experience litigating product liability lawsuits. Our product liability attorneys have recovered millions for innocent victims. 

Consider three illustrations of defective products:

  • Design Defect: You install state-of- the-art disc brakes on your car only to find they grab excessively when it is raining or the roads are wet. One week later, you are in a highway-speed accident that is your fault because the brakes would not unlock after application during a rainstorm. All parties are severely injured. You later learn that everyone who buys these brakes has the same problem with grabbing – but only when the brakes get wet. This is a classic example of a design defect.

  • Manufacturing Defect: You install the same state-of- the-art disc brakes on your car. They fail causing catastrophic injuries. You later learn the manufacturer could not fill all the orders for these new brakes unless he included 400 brake sets that failed to pass quality control standards at the plant. You bought one of the 400 defective sets. This is an example an instance where the manufacturer improperly allowed bad brakes to be sold into the stream of commerce that were known to be defective. In this example, you would likely recover punitive damages from the manufacturer as well.

  • Inadequate Warnings: A third-party installs the same state-of- the-art disc brakes on their car but the manufacturer fails to tell them that they must apply heavy pressure on the brake pedal for the brakes to work properly. One week later, you are injured in a highway-speed accident because only light pressure was used on the brake pedal by the other driver who installed the new brakes. Without an adequate warning about the proper use of these brakes, they became dangerous products. You have a clear claim against the manufacturer or distributor who failed to warn the purchaser of the brakes about particular dangers they knew or should have known about which were responsible for your injuries.

Injured because of a DEFECTIVE PRODUCT? Documentation is critical. The following steps will assist in building a compelling case:

  • Take pictures of the product and resultant injuries.

  • Have a doctor document the injuries sustained in the product liability accident.

  • Do not throw anything away: keep all of the product instructions, packaging and components – especially any damaged pieces.

  • Locate your receipt, if possible, to establish date of purchase and identify retailer.

  • If there were any witnesses to the accident, get their names, addresses and phone numbers.

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