The Victor Chionuma Foundation

Chuck and Beatrice Chionuma established the Victor Chionuma Foundation in honor of their son, Victor Chionuma, who died at the age of 9 on October 12, 2000, of viral myocarditis. Viral myocarditis is a rare disorder, which affects approximately 8 out of 100,000 people.

About Myocarditis

Myocarditis is a disease marked by inflammation and damage of the heart muscle. Although the exact incidence of myocarditis is not known, it is estimated that several thousand patients per year are diagnosed in the United States. Myocarditis usually attacks otherwise healthy people. It is believed that 5 to 20% of all cases of sudden death in young adults are due to myocarditis.

There are many causes of myocarditis, including viral infections, autoimmune diseases, environmental toxins, and adverse reactions to medications. The prognosis is variable but chronic heart failure is the major long term complication. Myocarditis and the associated disorder of idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy are the cause of approximately 45% of heart transplants in the United States.

The purpose of the Victor Chionuma Foundation is to raise awareness of myocarditis and to support efforts towards development of a preventative vaccine for myocarditis.

The Victor Chionuma Foundation brought a world renowned expert on myocarditis, Dr. Steven Tracy, a Professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and part of the Enterovirus Research Laboratory, to Kansas City in the hopes of learning more about myocarditis and to share this information with the community.

The Victor Chionuma Scholarship

The Law Offices of Chionuma Law Firm, LLC are also proud to sponsor The Victor Chionuma Scholarship.

The Scholorship is awarded every year to the most deserving student at Blue Springs High School in Blue Springs, Missouri that has the greatest financial need.

Blue Springs High School is the school that Victor Chionuma would have attended.

For more information on The Victor Chionuma Foundation, please contact:

Chuck Chionuma - (816) 421-5544