Traffic Tickets

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Driving is a Privilege You Can’t Afford to Lose

No one can afford to lose their license. For most people, the ability to drive impacts daily life. Whether that’s getting to a job or caring for your family, the convenience and necessity of driving is something we don’t want to lose.

If you find yourself faced with a possible license suspension, do what thousands of other people have done: rely on the trusted advice of Chionuma Law Firm, LLC.

How a Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Help?

It can start out as small as an unpaid traffic ticket and quickly escalate to the loss of your license. If you have a matter that is jeopardizing your driving privileges, you must handle this quickly and professionally. Seek an experienced traffic ticket lawyer who can help you understand your rights and options to resolve the matter.


Where to Begin?

If you’re in Missouri, and are cited for a serious traffic violation, you should not pay the fine if you hope to fight it. Once you pay the fine, you have admitted guilt. To fight the violation, you should first speak with a trusted traffic ticket attorney who understands Missouri’s traffic laws. Chuck Chionuma is a traffic ticket lawyer who has experience fighting Missouri traffic violations and who has received favorable outcomes for his clients. If you’re facing a serious traffic violation, begin by contacting Chionuma Law Firm and speaking with traffic ticket lawyer Chuck Chionuma.


Protect your privilege to drive by hiring the attorney who will fight for you.


Serious traffic violations can have a lasting impact on your life. What would you do if you were no longer able to drive yourself to work? How would you take care of your family’s needs if your driver’s license was revoked? If you are faced with a moving violation such as speeding, racing, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, running red lights or others, you must handle these matters immediately. This begins by hiring a traffic lawyer who knows the law and will defend your rights.


Chuck Chionuma and the Chionuma Law Firm, LLC team are skilled defenders who have extensive trial experience and have represented thousands of clients for traffic related matters. We are committed to finding the best possible outcomes that uphold your rights with dignity and respect. The first step is to contact our firm to discuss your matter before it progresses any further.

The Benefits of Working with an Experienced Traffic Lawyer.

At Chionuma Law Firm, LLC our traffic lawyer Chuck Chionuma is a seasoned professional who knows how to handle every traffic matter and who fights for the most favorable outcomes for his clients. When you work with an experienced traffic lawyer you benefit from our years of knowledge, understanding of the law and professional representation that puts you in the best position to win your case.  If you are not a Missouri resident, it can be especially challenging to navigate the legal process, which changes from state to state. This is why it’s so important to work with an experienced traffic lawyer who knows the local law and can help you through the process.
If unresolved, traffic matters also threaten to raise your insurance costs due to Missouri’s points system or cause you to lose your job if you are a driver who requires a commercial license or CDL. Chuck Chionuma has helped individuals throughout Missouri appeal such charges, reducing their impact on people’s lives and livelihood. For these reasons, and many more, working with an experienced traffic lawyer, like Chuck Chionuma, can save you the cost, inconvenience and penalties that can rise from unresolved traffic matters.
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