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What Types Of Personal Injury Cases Do You Handle?

Most often, we handle automobile accident cases; we also handle dog bites, medical malpractice, products liability and bad medication cases.

What Interested You In Practicing Personal Injury Law?

I have a strong interest in helping people recover from bad situations and putting their lives back together. Being very good at problem-solving, finding ways to maximize the value of injury cases comes naturally to me, which has enabled my firm recover millions of dollars for our clients over the years.

What Are The Top Misconceptions About Working With A Personal Injury Attorney?

A lot of people erroneously believe it is expensive to hire lawyers when the reverse is the case. Most injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means they only get paid a percentage of what they recover for their clients. At Chionuma Law Firm, we only get paid when we recover money for our clients. By maximizing the value of cases, our clients often end up with a net recovery that far exceeds the amount they could get without a lawyer.

What Are The Top Misconceptions About The Personal Injury Recovery Process?

A major misconception in personal injury recovery process is the believe that defendants and their insurers are readily willing to fairly compensate an injured person in a timely manner. The insurance companies are in the business of making money, the less claims the pay the more money they make. Likewise, the less they pay for a claim the more money they get to keep.

Claimants often do great damage to their claim by first trying to settle claims without representation and then seeking legal counsel when they receive unsatisfactory offers from the insurance company. The damage comes from communicating freely with a trained adjuster whose job is to find ways to deny or pay as little as possible to resolve the claim. Every information freely given to the adjuster will be used for that purpose and not for the benefit of the claimant.

Is Filing A Personal Injury Claim A Relatively Easy Process?

Filing a personal injury claim is not easy process, it requires careful investigation and gathering of all available information relevant to the claim. That information must then be carefully analyzed to determine liability under applicable legal theories, and assess the extent of applicable damages. Each item of damages must be identified with supporting evidence, and then presented in a clear format to facilitate ease of review and comprehension of the nature of the claim.

Do Most Personal Injury Cases Settle Or Go To Trial?

A large majority of personal injury cases settle prior to trial. There are a variety of factors that influence both parties to settle prior to trial, that include but are not limited to time, expense and the uncertainty of trial outcome.

Why Do Most Personal Injury Cases Settle Prior To Trial?

Either one or both parties may desire to resolve to claim relatively quickly and move on to other things rather than have the matter hanging over their heads. Litigation of personal injury cases can be expensive to both parties, which often motivates them to settle prior to trial. Equally important to both parties is having some control over the outcome of the claim. In a trial, the judge or jury gets to determine the outcome of the case, and their decision is often unpredictable.

How Should Someone Handle The Other Party’s Insurance In A Personal Injury Scenario?

It is important to understand that the insurance company is always represented by trained personnel whose job is to keep the company from paying claims, and where they must, to pay as little as possible. All information they gather from a claimant, and from every source will be used for that purpose and not for the benefit of the claimant. Having a trained and experienced legal counsel deal with the insurance company on one’s behalf is always best in a personal injury scenario.

How Important Is Evidence In A Personal Injury Claim?

Evidence is everything in a personal injury claim. Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary defines evidence as “something which shows that something else exists or is true”. Defendants and their insurers only want to pay for damages they actually caused and nothing more. Accordingly, they always demand proof of the damage they caused and presentation of acceptable evidence is the only way to satisfy that requirement. Evidence can come in the form of medical records, pictures, statements, videos, etc. Evidence is not only important in a personal injury claim; it is crucial in trial of the case if settlement fails.

How Should Witnesses Be Used In Personal Injury Claims?

Witnesses are best used to elicit facts needed to establish liability and damages. To be valuable, a witness needs to be credible and have first-hand knowledge of the facts being presented. A credible witness greatly increases a claimant’s chances of resolving a claim by settlement or trial.

Do You Advise Your Clients To Keep A Journal Of Events Following An Injury?

It is common knowledge that human memory tends to fade with time, and because claims process take time ranging from months to years, it is very important to maintain a good journal of the various effects of an injury on one’s life. Such a journal will aid a claimant in the presentation of evidence that would be necessary in recovering adequate compensation for the injuries sustained.

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