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Breach of Warranty / Lemon Law

breach-of-warranty-lemon-lawThere is hardly anything more irritating and frustrating than when you buy a vehicle that doesn’t work right. With the maze of state and federal laws that apply, the outcome of your case directly depends on the knowledge and expertise of the lawyer you choose to handle your breach of warranty claim. It is here, in the arena of breach of warranty that Chuck Chionuma shines. He has experience and expertise that is highly regarded in this geographic area. For this reason, when making a decision that is so important to you as the right lawyer for a job and when the value of your case is materially affected by who you choose, it only makes dollars and sense to contact Chuck Chionuma – a lawyer with the know-how to make yours the best case possible. Having defended most major car manufacturer for years, Mr. Chionuma brings keen insight and understanding as to how to approach your case from a tactical vantage point that gives you the edge over the big-firm lawyers that will populate the courtroom on the other side of your case.

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