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commercial-lawOur corporate law practice includes a wide range of legal services that are an integral part of the functioning of a modern legal society. We advise our clients on matters of corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and on corporate, civil, administrative and criminal liability. Our experts have experience in bankruptcy laws, and the processes related thereto.

Our lawyers draft the shareholders’ agreements, articles of association, incorporation deeds and agreements, and all other documents relating to the incorporation of the company and its common business activity. We advise managers, executives and members of corporate governance bodies on all legal issues of corporate law and management.

We provide professional legal services relating to commercial law practice, headed by partners who have themselves advanced scientific experience in this particular area of law. Our lawyers formulate all types of civil contracts, including agreements on sale and purchase, renting (leasing) issues, construction, design, service provision, etc. Active consultation with our clients is pursued during all negotiations, up to conclusion of the commercial transactions.

Chuck Chionuma, Esq.

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